The use of Pedigree4Dog is free. If someone wants to support the project with a donation, they are welcome to contact the admin.
There will be some functions in the future which users can develop against payment. These memory-intensive functions, which also require a lot of computational power, run on separate systems, and are unlocked for a small fee if someone needs them).
Information about the personal data will not be shared by pedigree4dog and will not be used for advertising purposes.
Users can decide for themselves which data will be published on their person. This decision can be adjusted by the user at any time.
From Pedigree4dog only the names of owners and breeders of the dogs are published. Other data will only be published if you record it or agree to a publication.
All dog master data are public, except for inbreeding coefficient and ancestral loss quotient.
All data from the management area is only visible to the owner of the dog (at the time of data collection).
- Internet is accessible almost everywhere.
- The data is located in a professional computing center. All data is backed up daily and is redundant.
- No data loss in hard disk crash, or in case of a PC defect. You can easily use the software with data on another machine.
- You have a new PC? No problem, go to the Internet, log in to the p4d portal, continue working.
- You can share the data with other breeders and Musher colleagues.
- You benefit from the data that other users have collected (for example, when generating the pedigree).
- You can use the software on several computers.
- You have no installation and backup effort, and benefit from a central software update without labor.
- You can use the software, whether your computer has a Windows, Apple, Android or other operating system.
- You can download the data you have collected, as well as the data of your own dogs, and of the dogs you bred.
- You have employees? Everyone can record their tour and training data on their own PC. Nobody has to wait for the other one to finish.
- We are software developers, and can therefore implement the wishes of the users themselves.
- Our portal may not be nice, but functional.
- We check the collected data and can therefore correct incorrect information.
Use Contact and write an email to the admin of